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Air Taps

Air Taps

These air Taps below are extremely useful if you are intending to run an air-line ring the full length of your system where is required in the actual biological filtration systems.

Each tap has its own threaded end which can be screwed quite easily into PVC pipework etc. after pre-drilling which allows you to build your own tailor made distribution to supply air.

These Air Line Check Valves simply fit in line and prevent water from the system siphoning back into the Air Pumps if the power fails or when maintaining the system and the power is switched off.

Item #
Airline T Pieces
£ 0.25
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Non Return Valves (Small Airline)
£ 1.25
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Air Taps Stainless Steel (Pack of 10)
£ 11.95
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Air Manifolds

Air Manifolds

Air Manifolds are a very convenient, and necessary method of distributing air to where it is required, and manifolds also enable you to control the air supply. These Air manifolds work in conjunction with an Air Pump allowing you to maximise your aeration output. Available in the following...
Airline (Air-Line Tubing)

Airline (Air-Line Tubing)

This Silicone Airline Tubing is ozone resistant, and is very flexible and easy to use. Max psi of 30. It is easy to cut with standard scissors. It is 6mm in diameter, and is safe for fresh or saltwater. We sell this Silicone Air-Line Tubing in 1 meter increments, or by the roll. Remember it is...


The Ceramic air stones are made from a refined ceramic compound. They produce very fine aeration and can be used in conjunction with any good air pump. All of the ceramic air stones have plastic end housings which protect the air stone against abrasive contact from any surrounding surfaces....
Hosetail and Straight Connectors

Hosetail and Straight Connectors

Air Taps and Manifolds are a very convenient and necessary method of distributing air to where it is required, and of course these also enable you to control that air supply. These manifolds work in conjunction with an Air Pump. A superb piece of engineering for quality, efficiency and ease of...


A venturi is a device that injects air into your pond water to ensure adequate pond aeration. Water is pumped through the venturi, and the restrictor creates a vacuum that sucks air in from the tube above water level, and then mixes with water inside the venturi to cause bubbles that aerate...