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Flexible Rubber Boots Overview

Flexible Rubber Boots Overview

These are an invaluable tool to stop a multitude of headaches for any pond keeper, pond builder or anyone involved in piping water. Have you ever had to cut and re-glue pipework and fittings when changing over filters or equipment on your pond? Have you ever made a mistake and had to get the hacksaw out? Have you done this more than once?

This ''full'' range literally makes glue and existing hard fittings redundant. It allows you to connect all of your pipework to each other or to any product you wish to install.

  • Simple to connect and tighten - gives a perfect seal
  • No cleaning, drying and glueing needed
  • No more mistakes and having to use the hacksaw wasting time and money !!!
  • Reusable over and over again !
  • Connects imperial to metric pipe
  • Very flexible and forgiving - easy to apply in tight spaces
  • If your pipe run is slightly out of line, these fittings will allow a slight deviation.
  • Ideal for permanent use, emergency repairs,temporary show vats or quarantine systems
  • Ideal for the koi keeper who likes to 'tinker' and likes to add and remove new products for testing - no wasting old fittings
  • Ideal for connecting a ball valve, UV,circulating pump etc for easy removal
  • Fittings can be used again
  • Ideal for all types of hosetail connections

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