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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are the most cost effective method of controlling the water temperature of Ponds.

Using a Heat Exchanger provides a method of heating water by simply pumping the water, on it's return to the pond in much the same you would connect a UV steriliser.

Water enters through the Inlet Pipe and then circulates past an inner Stainless Steel Coil. The coil contains hot water from the boiler. The heat from the 'Hot Water' in the inner coil never makes contact with the actual pond water but the heat generated from it is then transferred to the water flowing round it by radiation providing heat to your pond.

All Our Heat Exchangers are made from the finest quality 316 Stainless Steel and have a superb finish.

Heat Exchanger BTU60K100K130K170K230K340K
Flow Rate (gph) 900 1440 1860 2460 3300 4600
Pond Size (gallons) 5,000 7,500 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000
Item #
60000 BTU Heat Exchanger
£ 185.00
add 60000 BTU Heat Exchanger to cart
100000 BTU Heat Exchanger
£ 195.00
add 100000 BTU Heat Exchanger to cart
130000 BTU Heat Exchanger
£ 205.00
add 130000 BTU Heat Exchanger to cart
170000 BTU Heat Exchanger
£ 225.00
add 170000 BTU Heat Exchanger to cart
230000 BTU Heat Exchanger
£ 295.00
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460000 BTU Heat Exchanger
£ 575.00
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Heat Exchange Fittings

Heat Exchange Fittings

We can also supply the Brass threaded Connectors for the Flow and Return Pipes. These are needed to connect the flow and return pipes from the boiler to the Heat Exchanger, you will of course need two for each Heat Exchanger. This fitting is for the primary flow and return to the boiler the...