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Koi Abrasion Kit

Koi Abrasion Kit

A complete, easy to use topical treatment kit for Koi.

All kit components are spares replaceable, so you need never run short of any particular item. If there is one thing you should keep at home for your Koi this is it! This kit contains chemicals and should be stored away from children & pets.

  • 1 x 150 ml of Masuizai anaesthetic
  • 1 x 100 ml Wound pre-cleanser spray
  • 1 x100 ml Anti- bacterial penetrating spray
  • 1 x100 ml Spare spray bottle
  • 1 x25 Grams of Orahesive sealer powder
  • 1 x50 ml Sealer spray
  • 1 pair of surgical gloves
  • 10 x 6" cotton bud applicators
  • Comprehensive step by step instructions

General pond medications may solve parasitic infestations but are seldom effective against physical ulcers, wounds, fin rot, etc. Going that extra distance and treating the fish topically will be more effective and potentially life saving! This kit has be compiled to be used by beginner or experienced fish keeper alike.

The secret to successful treatment is to catch the problem early and do something about it. Only in exceptional circumstances will a Koi have the ability to heal without treatment. Also a certain amount of persistence is required. It is quite common to do extra treatment as necessary. This topical treatment kit can be used at any temperature any time of the year, though it must be pointed out the Koi will heal quicker if the water temperature is above 15c (60f) Do not be put off if you cannot achieve that temperature at the time of treatment, keeping the wound clean and free of bacteria at any temperature is very beneficial.

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8pc Boxed Ulcer-Wound-Abrasion Kit
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