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Kusuri Bio Reactor Kit

Kusuri Bio Reactor Kit

The Bioreactor Kit

Grows friendly nitrifying bacteria and sludge reducing bacteria.
Make litres of active live bacteria that start to work immediately!

The Kusuri bio-reactor in combination with Bacta-Pur products, can turn around some of the losses and health problems that can occur from stress created by transportation, and the variations of pollutant factors in pond systems. The Bioreactor can effectively prepare bacteria for filter systems and start reducing pollutants instantly, reducing stress levels in fish.

Filter media can be pre-activated with live nitrifying bacteria, or you can make up live nitrifying bacteria for addition to plastic bags for transporting purchased fish.

  • Start ponds / tanks quickly
  • Reduces water changes
  • Reduces water pollutants
  • Use as a transport additive
  • Reduces organic matter in filters tanks ponds etc
  • Pre-activate filter media
  • Improve water quality dramatically
  • Improves filter efficiency
  • reducing stress

Ponds with high pollutant problems can be re-balanced quickly, without massive water changing.

The Kusuri Bio Reactor kit contains:

  • 16 litre pail
  • 240v thermostatically controlled heater.
  • Air pump, pipe, air stone
  • 1 litre of nitrifying bacteria klear
  • 1 litre of Sludgebuster reducing bacteria
  • Pre-conditioner powder
  • Pre-activator solution
  • Full instructions

Pre-activating sludge reducing bacteria, can keep ponds filter systems free of organic debris. Reducing organic matter in water will reduce unstable pH problems, stifle weed growth, and degrade organic waste from filters and all pipe work, keeping the pond hygienically clean.

Each litre of the two base solutions will make 11 litres of live active bacteria each, and of course solutions can be made up on a part basis as required.

Kusuri Bio Reactor Refill Pack

A refill pack for the Bioreactor kit. Containing Klear, Sludgebusters, conditioner and Preactivator 12gms

Cultures friendly nitrifying bacteria and sludge reducing bacteria.

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Kusuri Bio Reactor Refill Pack
£ 58.50
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Kusuri Bio Reactor Kit
£ 91.50
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