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The Surface Skimmer is an important piece of equipment for any pond, but more essentially for the Koi Pond and it is more often forgotten about at the time of constructing the pond, most koi keepers wish they had put one in at the time of building the pond.

If you are going to build a new Koi pond then please don't forget to fit one of these surface skimmers, on larger ponds two or more may be needed and these are built into the walls of the pond at the time of construction.

The purpose of the Surface Skimmer is to skim, or pull off, floating debris and even dust from the surface of your pond, the Skimmer works best when gravity falling into a sieve unit, such as the Ultrasieve III, where the leaves and debris can be removed very easy.

After the Sieve we recommend that the system uses its own separate pump and pumps in to its own filtration system, such as an Econobead or Elecro Powerbead, you could even pump to a Bakki Shower if you wanted, Alternatively you could replace the Ultrasieve with an Eazy Pod.

To explain that a little more when the surface skimmer is built into the wall the pipe carrying the waste and of course the surface water, is pulled using a suitable pump, the size of pump will depend on what type of filter and size pond you have.

After the pump itself the water can be returned direct to the pond, or to a waterfall, or other pond feature. But its better practice to return the water via some sort of filter, there is very little point in using a skimmer to skim off the floating debris and allowing the finer particles and dust to return to the pond again, do the job once and do it right.

We have many different skimmers on offer,

Of course we have the Olympic skimmers which have a 1.5 inch outlet, these can be used to just skim the water and return directly back to the pond. For those of you that wish you had put in a skimmer but at the time didn’t think it was important then we have a selection of in pond skimmers such as the Velda skimmer or the Oase swimskim units.

We offer a full range of skimmers, including the new Aquosis SK1 Floating skimmer and the Oase Standing Skimmer both of which are an easy way to add a skimmer to an existing pond set-up.