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Ball Valves

Ball Valves

You won't find a better selection than what we have on offer here, these Double Union Ball valves are ideal to restrict pipe flows, as purge valves and waste control valves. Easy to dismantle and maintain and very strong - fits standard imperial PVC pressure pipe. Will fit solvent waste with suitable reducing sleeves shown below.

One of the most useful ways of controlling your water flow's, also enables you to isolate pumps etc for removal .Use one each side of the Pump in question.

  • True round ball construction - greatly extended life span
  • Fully adjustable ball ensuring smooth operation
  • Extra E.P.D.M. seal fitted behind P.T.F.E. ball seat
Item #
3/4-inch Ball Valve
£ 12.95
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1-inch Ball Valve
£ 15.95
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1.5-inch Ball Valve
£ 19.95
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2-inch Ball Valve
£ 29.95
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3-inch Ball Valve
£ 119.95
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4-inch Ball Valve
£ 124.95
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