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Ready packed Zeolite in a handy net filter media bag, allowing Zeolite chunks to be placed in filter or water flow. Can be easily removed for recharging to remove ammonia from ponds.

A 'Real Beneficial Media' - for helping to eliminate those High Ammonia problems .. Zeolite is a re-generable filter media .. to recharge the media periodically, it is a simple matter to simply remove the Zeolite and then soak the Zeolite in a strong saline (cooking salt) solution for 24 hours and then replace it into your system and it will once again start to absorb the ammonia ... an excellent product for maintaining a zero Ammonia level ...

5 Kg treats 6750 litres (1500 gallons)

Item #
Zeolite 10 ltr
£ 24.00
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Zeolite 20 ltr
£ 44.00
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